What is flash fiction?

Flash fiction are stories of extreme brevity that still offer character and plot development.

Their word count ranges anywhere between five and 1500 words.
The ones you’ll find here are unlikely to go beyond 150, as they're echoing the length of a 60 second TVC. 


How is it related to advertising?

Copywriting for advertising demands a lot of the same skills as writing flash fiction. Bare Bones was established as a safe place to practice the disciplines that both copywriting and flash fiction depend on.

The Three Cs of Flash Fiction
Flash fiction isn’t arbitrary prose or a slice of life. It needs tension. Drop your reader in the middle of the action, and hook them in. Tell your reader what is happening in no uncertain terms. 

Are we in a crisis? Is there a decision to be made? Has the character lost something or someone? What is at stake?

Make sure you have at least one implied character in your story.
The short story Baby Shoes has at least one, but I can read up to three in there. 

There’s the person reading the for sale sign. There’s the person who wrote it, then there’s could be the baby who never wore the shoes.

Flash fiction might be brief but they’re still self-contained stories. They need momentum and movement. 

Begin in the middle of action, but ensure it's clear where we are. Then, take the reader deeper into the world, but be enigmatic. Let them piece together the puzzle. Finally, end with a punchline. Hit your reader with a universal human truth.